Apps that are popular in Korea!

(Can be found on IOS and Android/ Google Play Store)


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Kakao Talk 

a fun app that you can use to talk to your friends, groups messaging, and have cute stickers! 


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Naver Dictionary

Gives you accurate translations and usage examples of Korean words in multiple different formats with Hanja included. If you want to learn the language or find a word that you are stumped on this is a great app for you.

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You want to order food? But… you don’t like going out to get it or maybe you don’t like to waste your time in lines

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If you want a fun way to learn vocabulary on the go. Here is a great app to use to practice words you have learned/ will learn.

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Itour Seoul

The offical travel app of the Seoul Metropolitan area.  You can use this to find the most 

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Hello Talk 

If you ever wanted to make a international friend, and learn about their culture/ language. This is the app for you!  There are a lot of great people on there who want to explore other cultures without even leaving their home!